Training update

on Friday, July 13, 2007 at 10:32 PM

Wednesday: Did 4 mile recovery run @ about 9:45 min/miles. Ran in the morning. It was about 23C outside which isn't really that warm, but I had a hard time with the run. I guess I haven't gotten used to the warmer temperatures yet. I usually start most of my runs when it's less than 20C outside.

Today: Did 11.5 miles or so. Not sure of pace, probably around 8:40 min miles.

So I left for and came back from Edmonton all in one day on Thursday. That is not something I would want to do again. Ideally I would have liked to spend a day, potentially even the weekend there. There was also the option of maybe trying to get into Calgary to experience the Stampede, but alas, no dice, since I have stuff to do for next week.

I think I"m going to head downtown tomorrow to pick up my race kit for Sunday. There's a bit of an unknown with trying to do it on race morning and it's just one less thing I'll have to worry about. It looks like I may finally get to meet Yumke, Jelly and Sonia, which is kinda weird. I've met a bunch of blogland people from other cities back in Chicago last year but haven't actually met anyone from my own city. Go figure.


jellypepper said...

Yeeha! This is going to be great! Yumke suggests meeting at 10 or 10:15 by the Running Room booth in the post-run party area (it's the only land mark that is mentioned on the Nissan page)
Have a great run.