Crappy LT

on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 9:59 PM

Woke up this morning to do 10 miles with 5 @ LT pace. I didn't eat or properly hydrate yesterday and though I tried to water load a bit last night, it didn't work. Did a 2 mile warmup to the local mall where I typically do my LT runs around the parking lot which I have a nice route plotted out that is exactly one mile and started into it. I rounded the corner of the mall only to see that they had set up a mini-carnival thing in the parking lot. I tried my best to weave in and out and around the rides, but the path I took ended up being a little short. I think my miles were probably about 2-3 seconds short.


I had to stop to tie my shoelace after mile 2. Got back home and weighed myself and sure enough I was much lighter than I usually am which for me is a sure sign of dehydration and is usually accompanied after a crappy run.

So got my travel plans and I'm flying to and back from Edmonton on the same day! I obviously am not going to be able to fit my 11 mile run on Thursday and will probably do it Friday morning, which means for a pretty hectic weekend since I have to do 7 miles on Saturday with 8 strides and then 18 miles on Sunday.

Thanks to a reminder from Yumke, I signed up for a 10 mile race this weekend in which I'll be doing part of my long run which should help since part of it will be on the course in which my fall marathon is on. I'm going to have to figure out how and where I'm going to do the extra 8 miles though. Race starts at 8am and pack-up pickup starts at 6:30. I figure if I pickup my stuff by 6:35, I can just barely do the 8 miles before the 8am start time. Sounds good in theory...


yumke said...

Cool, we'll finally meet on Sunday! I think you can pick up your stuff on Friday or Saturday at the running room, so maybe you can just run their.. that's sorta my plan..

What pace are you doing the race in? I'm undecided whether it'll be a race or a long run pace (or maybe marathon pace?)

Bridgette said...

Wow - makes me think of all the *fun* work I have ahead of me. :)

jellypepper said...

good luck on sunday! ... i'm not signed up but i may make an appearance roadside. or tableside....

Fran said...

Yep, it looks like we'll meet though i'm sure it'll be a bit of a zoo with so many people down there. Are you going to be anywhere specific? Maybe we can arrange to meet up?

I'll probably be doing it around my long run pace of around 8:15. I may try to do the last 1 or 2 miles at 7:30 pace or so depending on how I feel.

jellypepper said...

ya, ken's gonna run point on getting people together. i'm a maybe for sunday (got an early afternoon family thing to go to, so we'll see how the timing works out)

yumke said...

fran, that sounds like a good pace
.. since i'm still early in my program, I 'm thinking of actually racing this or at least pushing at least a little.. taht a good idea you think?

you can email me at kennyyum at gmaildotcom... we can make arrangements to meet somewhere

Sonia said...

Arent LT runs often crappy?! I hope it'll get better. I'm still on for the 10 miler on Sunday, hoping to meet you and the rest =)