Week 8 of Training

on Monday, July 23, 2007 at 7:12 AM

Did 20.5 miles yesterday to get to 55 miles for the week. Averaged about 8:25 pace for this long run which included one mile towards the end at a slightly faster pace, though not as fast as I would have liked. The inside of my shin was defintely acting up towards the end of the run. I've been trying to massage and stretch every muscle in my lower leg to try and avoid what happend last spring. I'm hoping that the pain is due to my shoes. I'm not sure when I started using my current pair of shoes, but I think I"m nearing 300 miles, so they may be done. A local shoe store is having a sale starting on Thursday so I'll probably go and get two pairs sometime this weekend. One problem though is I have a 14 mile run on Wednesday so hopefully my shoes will get me through then.

This week is a bit of a taper week in prep for a marathon pace run next Sunday. The plan is as follows:
Tuesday: 6 miles recovery
Wednesday: 14 miles General Aerobic
Thursday: 6 miles recovery
Saturday: 6 miles recovery w/ 6 strides
Sunday: 15 miles with 12 @ marathon pace.

I'm planning on doing the long run as part of a race. There are currently two options. There's a half marathon at little east of the city and a local 20km fun run. The half marathon would provide a marked course and aid stations whereas the 20km run is free and relatively near by. I'm trying to find out if the 20km course will be marked. If it isn't I'll probably do the half.


L*I*S*A said...

Sounds like a plan to me. Great to incorporate a race into things.

yumke said...

Yeah, I think doing a race as part of your marathon pace run is the smartest thing.. I can't imagine keeping that up alone -- or does it make you tougher?

Ryan said...

I think you need something competitive as a trial to figure out how your training has progressed. Not sure if a "fun run" will motivate you to race pace the way a half would. At 66 days off, a 1/2 marathon will give you a really good feel on progress. My vote: Run the half.