Recovery week is done.

on Sunday, July 8, 2007 at 8:57 PM

Saturday: 4 mile recovery @ around 9 min pace

Today: 12.2 miles. It was nice to step back on the long run mileage.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 09:14.1
8 07:55.6
2 08:40.1
9 08:17.4
3 08:37.2
10 08:13.7
4 08:15.7
11 08:02.8
5 08:07.1
12 07:11.8
6 08:11.1
13 01:52.9
7 08:20.5

It's been 2 months since I've done a long run shorter than this. I did the last mile a little faster than my Boston pace. I'm thinking that 7:12 is probably towards the slow end of my LT pace right now. I'd like to get this down to less than 7:00 or so by the time marathon day rolls around. I have a 5 mile LT run this Tuesday. I think I"ll try and push the pace a bit for it. I'm hoping to average around 7:05 for the 5 miles. Only problem is that I have to be downtown early that day for a meeting which means I'm going to have to get out extra early.

I'm sorry to see the recovery week come and go. Next one will be in 4 weeks, but I'll have to have done a 20 miler and a 15 miler that includes a 12 mile marathon pace run before I get there. Speaking of which, I'm looking at doing the 15 mile run as part of a half marathon race in a couple of weeks which I think will be helpful. It'll also allow me to practice the grabbing the cup and drinking routine. Also, an 8k race which I was scheduled to do as part of Pfitz's tune-up races moved it's race to a week earlier so it no longer fits into my plan. Crap! There aren't any suitable races on that day so I'll probably have to do it around a track or something.


Cuckoo said...

Your recovery week is done, but lucky you, now you get to enter the next mesocycle of Pfitz's plan!I just like to use words like mesocycle b/c I had no clue what it meant before reading his book :)

Hope you enjoyed your recovery week and are well rested for what you have coming up. This week is a recovery week for me and I am very much looking forward to it!

Steve said...

What half marathon are considering doing?

Perry said...

Sounds like you're making great progress. The injuries must all be behind you.

Keep up the great work.

Ya know, I find it much easier to keep a pace going on a treadmill than outdoors. For some strange reason I'm just a lot slower outside than inside. Does that happen to you?

jen said...

Great job on the recovery week, that's a nice pace for your "short" long run.

I wasn't able to find any races that fit Pfitz plan when I did it last time, so I just did my own thing. I'll try harder to find one next time though, because I can defintely see the benefit.

yumke said...

You thinking of doing the Nissan 10 miler, or that won't be enough mileage. Thanks for your advice on the LT run. It went well.