Week 9 Done. Half way there...

on Sunday, July 29, 2007 at 11:33 AM

Thursday: 6 miles recovery @ about 9:10 pace

Saturday: 6 miles recovery including 6 strides. Overall average about 9 min miles.

Today: 15 miles which included a half marathon race. I did a 2 mile warmup before at 8:50 pace or so and then did the half marathon with a final time of 1:36:43 pace of 7:23 min/mile. Race report to follow.

Next week is a recovery week with a whole whopping 43 miles. I also get to do my first VO2Max workout for this training session and a 14 mile "long" run. Funny I did 14 miles last Tuesday...


yumke said...

sounds like a good week.. i'm looking forward to the vo2max workouts.. just have to find a suitable track..

how did you find your pace for the half marathon? was more like an extended tempo run?

Fran said...

I wanted to do it at marathon pace since that's what the plan called for. I decided on the pace based on my recent training paces which are a bit faster than what I was doing last year leading up to Chicago. I figured I would try for a pace that was slightly faster than what I ended up doing in Chicago.

Finding tracks downtown is difficult whereas they're pretty plentiful out here in the boonies. You might be able to do the VO2max workouts using your garmin or use google earth to map out a fairly accurate distance. Just my two cents.

yumke said...

Good setting to do a marathon pace... was it a big crowd? I do have one track i can hit (central tech by bathurst and bloor). it's a 3K run to get up there, so not a bad warmup..

i have a 20 miler the day we do the midsummer nights 15K.. I think i'll see if I can manage all or part of that at marathon pace.. (7:40s as i'm aiming for a 3:20 marathon this time).. think that's adviseable on my first 20 miler of this training season?