Holiday Monday!

on Monday, July 2, 2007 at 8:05 AM

So it was Canada Day yesterday which reminded me that at this time last year, I was looking for a graphic of a waving Canadian flag to post on my blog. This means that my one year blogging anniversary went by last week. Happy anniversary to me!

Thursday: Did 10.3 miles @ 8:10 min/mile pace. Had to do the run in the evening. Thankfully, the weather cooled off slightly and it was pretty enjoyable.

Saturday: 5 miles recovery @ about 9 min/mile pace

Sunday: Did 18.3 miles. Did the run by the lake and it was cool and breezy. There was a 10k race being held on part of the path that I was on to support Canadian athletes. It being Canada Day and all, I wore a red shirt and a red cap with a maple leaf on it. The hat didn't quite fit me (I have a big head) and it didn't do a very good job of keeping sweat out of my eyes. I ended up figuring out that if I wore it backward, it worked a bit better. I've been doing my long runs a little longer than Pfitz has planned. Pfitz had 17 miles planned for today and since I did 17 miles last week, I decided I would try and do an extra mile at LT pace right at the end to come in at 18 or so miles. After this point, I'll probably sync up with the Pfitz plan for the long runs distances. Overall my pace was at about 8:20 for the entire run, though the first half was probably close to 8:30 or so. The second half was faster since it included the LT portion. I did this run with my newly purchased mp3 player. My old one is kinda big and clunky and I've really wanted to buy something smaller and lighter. I've really been keen on the new ipod shuffle, but wanted something that supports .wma files. The zen stone is nothing fancy and looks kinda cheap, but it works as advertised.

Total for the week was a little over 48 miles. This upcoming week is a recovery week (detailed below) with a step back in mileage to 37 miles and a relatively short 12 mile long run:

Tuesday: 8 miles including 8 strides
Wednesday: 5 mile recovery
Thursday: 8 miles
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: 12 miles

I'm going to try and concentrate on stride turnover and see if I can my cadence up to close to 180 for all my runs this week.

Happy running all!


yumke said...

Happy one year anniversary! Nice work with the long run.. big mileage...

Sonia said...

Almost a 50 miles week! Good job on the running and it must be pain free cause you didn't mention knee issues so that's even better! =)

Congrats on the 1 year blog-anniversary!

Cuckoo said...

Happy blogiversary!

Enjoy the nice step back recovery running week!