Wisdom Teeth...

on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 8:11 AM

Tuesday: Did 9 miles including 4 miles at LT pace.


I ended up using my new HR monitor strap as I put the old one through the washing machine on the weekend and it no longer works. As you can see, the readings went all screwy part way through the first LT mile which caused me to be a bit slow. During the 2nd lap, the HR returned to normal where I then realized I wasn't working hard enough so I picked up the pace.

Today: 5 mile recovery @ 9:15 pace. It's hot outside.

So I've been contemplating getting my wisdom teeth removed. Though some of them are partially hidden by the gums, they don't give me any problems (touch wood). The only real reason that I'm thinking about it is cause my dentist gives me a lecture every time I go to see him on the evils of having wisdom teeth. I went to see a specialist a few months ago and he said it should be no problem to get them all removed. I've been holding off cause of my training. From what I've read, I may lose up to a week of training and some body mass due to the (almost) all liquid diet involved in the few days after. Also the loss of red blood cells due to bleeding is not something that is good for training. I need that blood for later! So I've decided to hold off until after the marathon(s). I guess it just means I'll have to endure another lecture from my dentist when I go see him next time.


Cuckoo said...

Hey! Trying to get caught up with your blog, as I have been bogged down with work the past couple weeks. Looks like training is going good for you and the heat is not slowing you down.

When I had my wisdom teeth removed it was easy breezy, but I agree it's probably better for you to wait until after your marathon to get them removed.

jen said...

Great run.

I can relate to many things on your post today. (except that smokin' pace, of course!)

First, I washed my first iPod. Oh, you're not supposed to put electronics through the laundry? Now you tell me. :P

Second, I only had my wisdom teeth removed last summer. At 25 - that was lots older then anyone I knew. I didn't run for a week after, and had to take the first couple runs easy too. I would wait if you can. It doesn't hurt at all (you get the good meds) but it's kinda gross (bloody gauze and all that jazz). I didn't lose any weight cause I survived off chocolate milkshakes. :) But overall, not a bad experience, I would get it over with as soon as you can because it becomes more difficult to recover as you get older.

yumke said...

Nice on the LT run. And I wonder what your dentist would say if you told him you were holding off for training :)

Steve said...

Yeah, unless they're bothering you, definitely wait until you have a break in your training.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

So the T.O Weather is hot?? Is it smoggy too? Im in Kingston...it's not as hot, and theres NO smog!! It's fantastic...

Wisdom teeth...I got mine out last year, in grade 11, cause they were playing messy with my mouth...and they got infected. So when you do it be careful.

Nice job with the LT...

Ryan said...

Go get those suckers yanked!! Great job the LT workout!