Training Update and A.R.T.

on Sunday, June 10, 2007 at 9:56 PM

Saturday: Did 5 mile recovery run

Today: Did 15.2 miles down by the lake. I've been trying to maintain my long run mileage at about 15 miles these past few weeks even though Pfitz' plan requires less the first few weeks of the training plan. I headed down to the lake and ran part of the course of my fall marathon just to get used to it. I was extra careful to drink lots today and the run went much better than last week. In the past when I run by the lake, I have a standard course that I've gotten quite used to which I can stretch to 20 miles. This route covers most of the western part of the marathon course. Today I headed east to cover the eastern part of the course which was new territory for me. My route passed by the main beaches area where there were a huge number of beach volleyball players out. It could have been a tournament of some sort. I almost tripped a few times on the boardwalk while trying to pretend not to notice the female players in their bikinis jumping around in the sand.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 08:48.2
9 08:31.1
2 08:40.5
10 08:17.7
3 08:22.3
11 08:11.5
4 08:24.4
12 08:17.0
5 08:35.7
13 08:16.3
6 08:28.8
14 08:17.0
7 08:27.0
15 07:55.5
8 08:23.1

My A.R.T. appointment went without incident. He generally found that I had weak quad and hamstring muscles. He hooked me up to one of those electric muscle stimulating machines that provides a nice massage of the muscles and then he performed some stretching and massaging. I've read a lot about how it's supposed to be super painful, but this didn't hurt at all. My knee still hurts so I don't know if it actually did anything. He said it would take a few appointments to see results. I have another appointment tomorrow.

This week has the following:
Tuesday: 8 miles with 4 at LT
Wednesday: 4 mile recovery
Thursday: 10 miles
Saturday: 4 mile recovery
Sunday: 15 miles.


yumke said...

Oh, you did the Beaches run.. I do like that a lot.. lots of flat lonely pavement :)

For Pfitz, do you think it's crucial to do the tuneup races the weeks they are prescribed? I'm having trouble finding one in mid september, but can find a race a week earlier...

jen said...

Great job on the long run, your pace is impressive! I hope your knee starts feeling better soon. That lake run sounds lovely. :)

Sonia said...

A.R.T. does not hurt me as well, I like to think I have a high pain limit... Hope you see improvements soon.

L*I*S*A said...

Great run...nice even pace, too.

As for that muscle contraption, I'd love to find one for my sore hammies!

Steve said...

Funny, The other day I was asking my coach ( Dave Mc Govern) about certain stretching exercises, and this is what he said:
( I immediately thought you)

"Active Release Therapy (ART) uses similar principles to clamp down on a knotted muscle while working it through a range of motion.
If you can find a practitioner I highly recommend it.


I'm definitely going to look into this.