Week 13 of 18 Done

on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 7:55 PM

Saturday: 5.2 mile @ about 9:18 pace

Today: 18 miles which included about 14.75 @ marathon pace.

So today was the second of two extended marathon pace runs of the training plan. The first was a 12 miler that I did a few weeks ago as part of a half marathon. Today's was a 14 miler as part of a 17 mile long run. Drove down to the lake again to run part of the marathon course. The plan was to do a slow three mile warm up and then do 14 miles at my Boston pace of 7:15 min/mile.

Lap Lap Time HR Avg Lap Lap Time HR Avg
1 09:09.9 135
11 06:59.6 168
2 08:25.9 147
12 07:19.0 170
3 08:12.6 151
13 07:15.3 172
4 07:08.2 166
14 07:09.1 173
5 07:10.0 168
15 06:57.8 172
6 06:59.5 170
16 07:25.0 170
7 07:22.6 170
17 07:13.6 172
8 07:16.9 169
18 07:11.6 173
9 07:12.4 168
19 02:24.4 164
10 07:08.1 166

A couple of the miles were a bit short so some of the sub 7 miles I'm pretty sure are wrong. Garmin says I ran 18.27 miles total. My foot pod (uncalibrated) says I ran only 17.2 miles. I'm a bit anal about paces and this was kinda important so I ended up manually mapping the whole route and it came to a little under 18 miles total with the marathon pace portion at around 14.75 miles which I did in 1:47:27. This translates into 7:17.1 min/mile pace which when converted to the marathon distance is a 3:10:52 marathon time! Skin of my teeth! HR was about right. Ideally I like to keep it below 170, but a few beats over is fine as I'm sure cooler temperatures on race day will help with that.

Total for the week was 52 miles. Upcoming week is as follows:

Tuesday: 8 miles including 5x600m @ 5k pace
Wednesday: 11 miles General Aerobic
Friday: 4 miles Recovery including 6 strides
Saturday: Yasso 800's workout
Sunday: 17 miles

Oh BTW, I signed up for the Scotiabank marathon today so it's now official!

Have a great week!


yumke said...

Wow, you're going for it! that's a great job you did on the pace run. How warm was it in toronto today?

Fran said...

Thanks. Actually it wasn't too warm this morning. I started at about 7:30 and it was 16C or so. When I finished it was about 21C. Nothing like the stuff you're getting in DC.

Stephen said...

7 seconds to spare!

Sonia said...

Yay you signed up =) I have all the confidence in you, with the hard training you pulled this summer you will get your BQ goal!

L*I*S*A said...

You'll get your BQ...I have no doubts whatsoever. :)

Fran said...

Thanks all! I wish I had the same level of confidence, but I'm sure that'll come as the race gets nearer.