Hot day

on Monday, August 13, 2007 at 6:51 AM

Saturday: Did 5 miles @ recovery pace

Sunday: Did 20 miles. I neglected my hydration the previous day and by the end of the day, I was in full death march mode having to stop ever little while for a breather. Judging by HR, it seem to start at the 11 mile point which was the point I do the turn around of an out and back course. The wind was in my face for the first half of my run which helped in cooling me off and when I turned around, the lack of wind overheated me. It also didn't help that I started the run with at 19C and finished at 28C. I am definitely not comfortable in running in this temperature. I passed by Yumke somewhere between 17 and 18 miles and managed a feable hi, but was hurting at this point. Got home and weighed myself and I was at 140 pounds. Considering that this was after having drank a whole bottle of water and a bottle of gatorade, this meant I was less than 140 pounds after my run. I have never been that light after a run and this just showed that I was very dehydrated at the end. I was well off my normal weight of 145 pounds.

I ran with the knee brace again and i'm getting used to it though ideally I'd like to toss it. I did some quad strengthening exercises yesterday. Hopefully that will help.

This was a 55 mile week which is supposed to be the longest week of the Pfitz training plan, but I actually ran a bit farther a few weeks ago. I'm now into the race preparation mesocycle of the Pfitz training plan that introduces speed work and races. The upcoming week looks like the following:

Tuesday: 8 miles including 5x600m @ 5k pace
Wednesday: 11 miles General Aerobic
Friday: 4 miles including 6 strides
Saturday: 15 k race
Sunday: 17 miles long run

Saturday race is my first opportunity to really judge how far I've progressed to this point. The race is in the evening which is worrying me cause if it's warm it's going to suck. I'm going to try and get my runs in during the evening to prep a bit for the race. Doing that however is going to make for an interesting Sunday which will have me doing a 17 mile long run in the evening as well. I also have an A.R.T. appointment on Friday to help with the knee. I'm going to see if I can move it up to Wednesday though since it's a bit too close to race day for me.

Happy running all!


Sonia said...

You're an animal! 5 lbs of water gone eh? ... 55 miles per week is so much! Your knee is holding on so that's good news. Hope the A.R.T. appt will help.

Stephen said...

20 miles...that's a long haul, especially in the heat. You're obviously sweating out more than your taking in.

Is that knee brace for your IT prob?
Good luck on Saturday and Sunday!

Fran said...

no it's not for my IT band. The A.R.T. has basically completely dealed with that pain which was on the outside of my knee. I now have a nagging pain on the inside of my knee which I think is due to weak quads.