Getting cooler...

on Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 10:28 PM

Did 8 miles including VO2Max Intervals this morning. It's starting to cool down now and it was a nice 14C when I started the run. If temperatures are like this on marathon day, it would be perfect.

Plan calls for 5x600m @ 5k race pace with 90s recoveries.

Lap Pace
02:23.5 06:24.9
02:20.3 06:16.3
02:22.1 06:21.1
02:22.6 06:22.5
02:23.0 06:23.6

Paces again were a bit fast as I would like to do these at about 6:30 pace since the intervals just get longer after this, up to 1600m. Not entirely sure if I could maintain this pace for 1600m intervals though. The interesting thing though is that the pace I did this in is my approximate Yasso 800 pace for a 3:10 marathon (ie. 800 m in 3:10). Going to do a Yasso 800 workout as my second tune-up race in two weeks to find out.

The knee is still kinda hurting so I'm still running with the brace. I'm wondering if I should be using the brace come race day on Saturday. I'm worried that the brace is starting to be a bit of a crutch for me so I'm going to have to wean myself off using it eventually. However, I don't want to stop using it too soon and risk making things worse. I've also started to go OCD about the weather on Saturday and I've been checking the forecast several times a day. Right now, the high for Saturday is only 21C with a predicted low for Saturday overnight of 10C! Since the race is in the evening, it's looking to be a nice comfortable temperature for the race.


jen said...

Great job on that run- you're super fast :) I'm looking forward to the cooler weather, so much better for running. I'm sure it will be great for you this weekend.

Sonia said...

Great pace!

Good luck on Saturday, we're lucky to have some fresher weather these days, I'm definitely pleased with that even if I'm off running!