It's cold

on Monday, March 2, 2009 at 7:57 PM

Did 12.1 miles outside yesterday for my recovery week long run. Nice and sunny but quite cold at -10C and windy. Bundled up pretty good and felt good after a few warm up miles. Overall pace was at 8:58. First three miles were @9:26 pace and the last 9.1 miles @ 8:50 pace. When I got home I noticed my reflection in a window showing me that I had icicles hanging down from the sides of my toque. I was so surprised by them and how foolish i looked that I knocked them off right away. I wish I had gotten a picture first to remind me whenever I want to wuss out of a run.

It looks like I may get a chance to get that picture tomorrow though cause the temperature predicted for 6am tomorrow is -19C without the wind chill which is when i would normally head out for a morning run. At least there's no snow, like some parts of the NE US are getting. Just have to convince myself that getting out won't be so bad...


yumke said...

Ha, I knew you would get into it!