Windy Marathon Pace Run

on Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 9:35 PM

Did 6 miles recovery which included 6 strides yesterday.

Did 15.5 miles today with 11.75 miles at marathon pace. Did this downtown by the waterfront. You can see details of the run here. I wasn't sure what marathon pace to try for this time around. My run on Wednesday had me thinking that 7:30 pace might be possible. In the end, I stuck by the HR method which I've used successfully in the past which required me to keep the HR below 170. The MP portion averaged 7:47 pace. I don't think i could have gone much faster or farther. I was definitely pooped after this run. There was a strong wind coming from the north and even though I was running east/west, i would occasionally get a glancing blow from the wind. This pace is consistent with my training in 2006 where I averaged 7:45 pace or so for this run at this point in training leading up to a 3:17 marathon.

So it's now less than 30 days till Boston. It still hasn't quite settled in. I haven't even booked my flight yet. I tried seeing if I could get a ticket using points but all the low points seats are gone. Looks like I'm going to have to purchase tickets which I should probably do soon.

Next weekend is the Around the Bay Road Race. I was able to get a hotel room at the host hotel which is right by the start line so that should be convenient. Until now, I was considering that rather than stay overnight I would drive out there on Saturday to pick up my bib, return home and then again on Sunday morning for the race. One potential issue I have is that when I signed up for ATB, i had forgotten that I have tickets to the Raptors game that afternoon which basically requires me to leave right after the race. With the host hotel so close to the start line, I'm worried that the streets won't be opened and i'll be stuck in Hamilton for a while.


Melanie said...

great job on the speedy run, i considered going down the boardwalk for yesterday's run, but didn't end up going down. I bet Boston will settle in once you purchase your ticket, less than a month to go! :)

jen said...

Great pace on that run! You're going to do better than you think in Boston.

Good luck next weekend! You've done that one before, right? Sounds like it'll be a fun and busy weekend. :)

steve said...


Yeah, the Rome marathon results page is kinda confusing.
I completed a total of 25 km as planned. Slow as a snail. The cobble-stone streets are brutal ( plus I was taking too busy taking
The results below are for the 21 km.


Did you get your Boston Bib #??

See ya in few weeks !

yumke said...

Hey, i'm at the same hotel. We should go get a drink tonight since we're both doing it for fun :)