Week in Review

on Friday, March 27, 2009 at 6:29 AM

Did 8 miles on Tuesday. From past experience, my first run after a marathon pace run tends to be pretty crappy and it was on this day. Most of this was done at recovery pace. It was cool but not windy so i headed over to the track to do some pacing tests. I usually do these a couple of times a year too see where my fitness is at where I try to maintain a HR of 150 and see how long it takes me to do a lap. On this day, it was just under 9:00 min/mile

Did 8 miles on Wednesday. This was the first VO2Max session for this training program. 5x600m at 5k pace. I wanted to aim for 6:40 pace for these, did the first one at 6:11 pace. That hurt. The remaining ones I did between 6:30 and 6:35 pace. These were tough. Did not feel very fluid while doing these.

Did 5.4 miles on Thursday at about 9:45 pace. This was a recovery run.

Picked up some new running clothes yesterday. The building I work in houses Nike's headquarters for Canada and they will about once a year throw a sale where they try to get rid of all the samples that they gather over the year. A couple of years ago, you could get some great deals. I bought a $100 watch for $15 a while back. Usually the sizes are limited. The past couple of years, it's been more of a "sell whatever crap no once else wants" kind of sale. This year it was a bit more organized and they had quite a bit of stuff. There wasn't a lot of running stuff. They had leftover technical shirts from the Nike human race which I think must have been from Vancouver since that was the only Canadian city to host that race last year. I did pick up a pair of tights, some shorts, a sleeveless-T and a long sleeved top. Spent $90. They had shoes, but no running shoes. I was hoping to get another pair of Nike Frees, but no luck.


Melanie said...

love those sales, but you're right, most of the time, it's just their garbage left over. have a great weekend, hope we stay dry on sunday!!

jen said...

Wow, you did pretty well at the sale! The Shamrock Run I did a couple weeks ago was sponsered by Adidas whose corporate HQ is here in Portland. We got 50% off everything in the store that day! It was rad.

Amazing pace on those intervals. I think you have to be pretty freaking special to actually feel smooth at that pace. You're only human, no offense. :P Great runs all around. Good luck with your long one this weekend!