Airport Run

on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at 11:33 PM

So on Tuesday I did 6 miles at a slow pace which include 6 strides and this morning I did 12 miles. With the recent switchover to daylight savings time, running in the morning is a bit of a drag. Last week, it would be bright enough in the morning that I could see where I was going , but not this week. It was raining a bit this morning which didn't help things. I plodded along today at a fairly conservative pace of 9:20 and a low HR. It was just too dark and dreary and my legs are sore in a couple of places. I think I will have to do most of my GA and long runs slower than I have cause i think my body is rebelling a bit to the ongoing increases in mileage.

I signed up for the Pearson 5k race on June 13. The run takes place on one of the runways at Pearson International Airport. They had the first one last year and I wanted to sign up for it, but it sold out pretty quick. I had thought that it was only going to be a one time event, so I'm glad they brought it back.


Melanie said...

i was thinking about doing this onte too, and like last year, missed it as it sold out! Hmm, maybe i should just buy it in case the same thing happens!