Free Shoes

on Thursday, March 5, 2009 at 9:00 PM

Did 4 miles recovery yesterday and 11.3 miles today at about 8:40 pace overall, though the last 8 miles or so were done at faster than 8:30 pace. -6C this morning. HR seems lower than it normally has been. I had wanted to do this at about 8:45 pace which is the expected marathon pace for a 3:50 marathon which is what I'm aiming for in Ottawa, but the pace kept speeding up. Based on the HR and paces, I seem to be fitness-wise where I was at this point in the training schedule leading up to a 3:17 marathon in 2006.

I received an email offering a free pair New Balance shoes in exchange for a link to a NB online store and a review. It seems legitimate since I've seen a few posts from people giving reviews about the NB shoes they've receive, however i don't think they realize that I'm up here in Canada since their store says they don't ship to Canada. Oh well. NB shoes were my first real pair of running shoes and it would have been nice to try them again.


jen said...

I got the same email offer. I was excited but turns out ordering shoes online is a pain in the ass. I would have liked to try them on at least, but none of the stores I went to had any in stock. So I just took a gamble and ordered a pair, we'll see I guess!

Can you have them shipped to a US friend and then sent to you? I'd do that... email me if you want. Their shipping cost was $6 and it'd probably be about that for me to send them to you. Let me know!

Zach said...

That sucks they won't ship to Canada - but like you said, oh well. Looks like it's been pretty freakin cold up there lately.

I've been keeping up on KR but it has changed quite a bit since the mass kill-off of 2009. As long as Kitt doesn't change then I'll keep watching.