Marathon Pace

on Saturday, March 10, 2007 at 6:37 PM

Did 6 miles on Thursday @ recovery pace and did 3 miles today with some strides.
I'm supposed to a 15 mile long run with 12 miles @ marathon pace tomorrow. It's a bit dicey on the sidewalks cause the temperatures are hovering around freezing. I'm thinking there's going to be ice on the sidewalks tomorrow morning which will make doing a faster pace tough. I'm hoping if I can get out early enough, I'll have the streets to myself.

Anyways I'm not to sure what pace to try for tomorrow. During my last training cycle, I did this run as part of a race and ended up averaging 7:45 over the first 15 miles of a 18 mile run. I ended up doing Chicago 9 weeks later at a 7:31 pace. I'm thinking if I can do the same thing and improve my pace runs by 15 seconds/mile over the next 9 weeks then a BQ time is possible, but that means I'm going to have to try for a 7:31 pace tomorrow.

One problem I've had lately is what I think are shin splints. A couple of weeks ago, I slipped on some ice and tweaked what I think was my ankle, it actually now feels more like the shin. It's just this dull pain that nags at me during the day. It hasn't really gotten worse, but hasn't gotten better either. I think it may also have to do with the new shoes I'm using. I have 4 blue toenails from running in these things. I don't think I'll be buying these shoes again any time soon.
I'm going to try and do tomorrow's run with my orthotics. Hopefully they'll give me the necessary support to get me through it.


Steve said...

Did I hear a hint of Boston qualifying times in your post.
Is that a goal of yours?

Sonia said...

3 black toenail?? I would have stop wearing these shoes way sooner!! Go get some new ones!! I hope the shin splints did not bother you too much today. You could always try that ART technique, mine went away in 3 treatments!

yumke said...

from where i was, it was a beautiful day for a run.. perfect, in fact... hope you had a good one.