Another week down

on Monday, March 5, 2007 at 11:20 PM

Saturday: Did 4 mile Recovery. was supposed to do 5 miles, but I got out real early and due to a big melt on Friday afternoon and some rain, Saturday morning had ALL the roads and sidewalks covered with a thin layer of ice. Probably averaged about 10:30 min miles. I was able to work on my turnover though at about 180 strides a minute. Anything less than that and my feet would start to slip.

Sunday: Headed downtown for a 20 mile run with a running partner. She's training for Boston and does her long runs at my pace which works well for me since it's nice to be able to do a long run with some company and not having to worry about slowing down (or speeding up). I'm not too familiar with the area, so she picked the route which was quite hilly and I was suffering a bit on some of the hills. Unfortunately due to a lot of ice on the side streets, we ended up having to change the route which caused us to cut it short. We ended up having to stay on the major streets which meant running beside tall buildings which meant loss of GPS signals so we figure we did about 19.25 miles total. Average pace was about 8:35 min/mile which was pretty good considering the hills. I managed to get through the whole run on only 1 bottle of water. I wouldn't recommend it though. i was very dehydrated at the end.

Did a little over 52 miles for the week. Was supposed to do 54. I'll take it.

This week has 47 miles planned, most of which are recovery runs in preparation for a marathon pace run next Sunday. Tomorrow morning has windchill temperatures of -35 degrees (C or F doesn't really matter at that temp).


Bob said...

Yes yes lets not split hairs over two miles. Seems like my weeks always end up a couple of miles short.

Interested to see how your MP run goes. Those are such great measuring sticks in my book. Good luck.