Longest mid-week run

on Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 8:15 AM

Pfitz' plan had the longest mid-week run of 14 miles yesterday, which I did after work. I ended up tripping part way through the run and did a bit of a face plant. Stupid ice chunks. Luckily, I had my water bottle in my hand which I was able to jut out at the last second to break my fall. Minor scrape on my right knee. Other than that the run was good. I definitely feel like I'm getting faster.

It's supposed to start getting warmer soon which hopefully means no more ice or snow. I'm supposed to do a VO2 max workout next Tuesday, which I probably won't be able to do at the track because it will still be snow covered. I've been considering doing it on the treadmill, but am also looking at an indoor track as a possibility. There's a little community centre close to me that has an indoor track suspending above a hockey rink. Going to check it out this weekend.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 08:59.5
8 08:10.7
2 08:50.6
9 08:37.2
3 08:18.1
10 08:23.3
4 08:25.2
11 08:28.5
5 08:18.1
12 08:08.6
6 08:16.3
13 08:16.5
7 08:22.8
14 08:26.6


Bob said...

I have actually found doing speed work and intervals on the treadmill enjoyable. If you can't get on a track I would go for the treadmill.

yumke said...

I'm curious, where are you doing your long runs this winter... my usual long run routes are all snowy so i'm stuck on cityroutes..

and are you running any of the spring races in toronto?

jen said...

Great pace on the medium-long run. I'm glad you hear you might be getting warmer weather. That ice has got to go. Good luck on your speed workout!

Sonia said...

Great job on the 14 miler! That's a hell of a long mid week run! Looking at a warm week-end here too, all the snow is going to melt :o) I've never been so happy to see snow go away!!!

Fran said...

Yumke: I've been doing my long runs just generally around my neigborhood. There are a lot of side streets with almost no traffic, so I just generally run through them on the road. It gets quite boring. I was actually meaning to ask you whether the waterfront trail is clear. I was thinking of maybe doing my MP run this weekend down there, but I guess it's still not clear yet.
I haven't really figured on any races yet. There aren't any that fit into the Pfitz training plan that requires tune-up races on Saturday and I really want to maintain the Sunday long run schedule. I may end up adjusting to do the tune-up races on the sunday and the long run on the Monday. I don't know yet.

Ryan said...

Rock ON! I love that Pfitz mid-week 14-miler. Certainly tests the will to run AND to schedule your week carefully!