Universe works in mysterious ways.

on Friday, March 2, 2007 at 4:45 PM

So I didn't make it to the gym early this morning. I rolled out of bed at 5:30am with every intention of heading out but then for a brief second I was able to convince myself that it would be better to do it in the evening so i went back to sleep.

Right before heading to work, I got an email saying the power in my office building was down. Apparently a transformer had blown and they weren't sure when they were going to get it working again, so they told everyone not to come in. I basically had the day off. So I decided to head off to the gym. So as it turns out, I didn't need to get up early. Coincidence or what.

I got to the gym only to find out that they didn't have any hot water so I wouldn't be able to take a shower. Hmm. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Got onto the treadmill and did a 1 mile warmup @ about 9:40 pace. I put the incline @ 1.0 since that's what the say you should do to compensate for running inside. I started the LT portion @8.4 mi/hr (7:08 pace) but the HR got really high and I had to stop to walk after 2 miles for a couple of minutes. Then did another 2 miles at the same pace and then stopped again. Then did 2 x 1 miles at the same pace since I didn't think I could handle another 2 continuous miles. Then did 3.5 miles at a cooldown pace of 6.3 mi/hr. 6 miles total @ LT pace though I would have really like to have done them continuously. My HR got really high during the LT session, much higher than I would have liked, but I really wanted to maintain that pace. It's looking more and more that trying to BQ during the spring is not going to be a reality. If I have trouble now of maintaining a 7:08 pace for 6 miles, I have no idea how I would be able to handle a 7:15 pace for 26.2. I haven't quite given up hope though and so will continue on the plan.


yumke said...

... if anything, I admire your efforts to do hard marathon training during the winter... i wish i had a snow day!

L*I*S*A said...

You may be surprised at how well you can maintain that pace. I'm sure in time it will become a reality.

Sonia said...

Awesome coincidence!! =)