Now I remember...

on Thursday, March 1, 2007 at 10:42 PM

...why I don't like training through the winter time.

I did 12 miles on Wednesday night and it went okay. I got about a half mile away from home before I realized I had forgotten my water bottle. I decided to keep going anyways but to hold back on the pace so I could hopefully get through the whole run without needed to drink.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 09:02.40
7 08:35.60
2 08:43.80
8 08:49.70
3 08:55.20
9 08:53.70
4 08:42.70
10 08:53.60
5 08:12.70
11 09:13.80
6 08:35.00
12 08:11.20

So I have a 11 mile run with 6 at LT planned for tomorrow. I had wanted to do it outside tomorrow morning, but we got dumped on today with about 15cm of snow and freezing rain predicted for the morning. So it looks like I have to do it at the gym. I'm going to try and do it first thing in the morning. The gym opens at 6am and I'm going to try and do it then. I've never been to the gym that early on a work day, so this will be interesting


Steve said...

You mentioned "11 weeks to go", have you decided on which race you're gonna do?

jen said...

Great run! Good luck tomorrow, I've been doing some major TM running myself, due to heavy rain, and it's just no fun. You can do it though! The LT miles should keep it interesting.