Cross Training

on Sunday, March 25, 2007 at 9:48 PM

Did 12 miles on Friday at about 8:20 pace. Didn't really care about HR since I really wanted to concentrate on pace. The HR was a bit higher than it is normally. Shin/Ankle was sore afterwards. I was supposed to do 5 miles on Saturday and 20 miles on Sunday, but the sore shin made me realized that I really need to try and recover. So I've decided to lay off running until my shin isn't sore anymore. As a plus, it'll also let my knees recover a bit which have been taking a beating as of late.

Today, I wanted to do some cross training to maintain the fitness. I didn't want to use the stationary bike because I thought it would put too much stress on my knees and I've never used an elliptical before so I decided to hit the pool since it seems that everyone else is doing it also. Supposedly a nice low impact workout. I use to swim in high school and though not a speed demon, I could get by. I learned today that my swimming skills have pretty much disappeared. I could barely go one length of the pool without having to stop for a breather. But I guess that's kind of expected considering I haven't been swimming in probably a year now. I don't know how triatheletes do it but I find it amazing that people can do three different sports all one right after the other.


Audrey said...

oh...was it ever ugly when i started swimming again!!

way to get in the water and get 'er done!

feel better!

jen said...

Great 12 miler, and good idea to skip the other runs. I'm sending healing threats, I mean wishes, to your shin/ankle.

Sorry, but I'm glad to hear your pool story. :P It's good to hear that even super fit people such as you can struggle in the pool. That makes me feel better about myself. ha ha! Seriously though, great job and keep us posted.

Steve said...

At least you can swim :)

Sonia said...

Cross training is great, it is something we often under estimate as runners.... I am guilty as well!! Hope the ankle/knee feel better soon.

Faithful Soles said...

Take it from me, be careful with that shin. I've been battling a nasty shin splint in my left leg since the beginning of the year. Positive side is that it's allowed me to start my cycling and swimming for the Ironman earlier.

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