Training Update. Nov 13-19

on Sunday, November 19, 2006 at 11:31 PM

Did 6 miles on Tuesday and about 5 miles on Thursday. Did them both pretty late in the evening, after 9pm. Did them both at recovery pace.

I had company for a 12 mile long run today. Ended up having to forego the low HR training for at least today. Ran at my normal long run pace, but the course was quite hilly. Don't know if it was a hill thing or if I'm losing fitness or if it was the chatting and gasping for breath while running, but my HR was WAY up.

I also bought a new pair of shoes this past week. I had to use up a 20% coupon before it expired on Wednesday. I'm still experimenting with shoes and decided to buy a pair of Mizuno Grid Alchemy 6's. I've never tried Mizuno shoes before. Kinda pricey but really light. They're shiny and look cool.


Sonia said...

They do look cool =)

I want to try Mizuno too but I'll need to win the lottery or else!! ;-)

I just started running with a partner and I found it's way harder to be in the zone and breathe normally when you'Re also trying to speak to each other... I guess you can't have everything! Company is fun! =)

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Love the new shoes. I'm a Mizuno gal myself, but I'm going to Saucony for my next pair.

Jen said...

I wear the Mizuno Wave Alchemy and love them. :)

Sure wish I could get 20% off!!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that you're out of shape ,It was probably the hill thing.

Yeah, those are some pretty kewl shoes and you probably go through a lot of them huh.