10 k race report

on Sunday, November 5, 2006 at 9:02 PM

I did a 10 k race this morning. Finish time of 42:16 (chip) . I signed up for this race cause the last 10k a did a few weeks before Chicago was a bit short and I wanted to take advantage of my marathon training to see what my 10k PR was and to use it as a benchmark for next year. I picked this race cause it was "certified" meaning that it was presumably accurately measured to be at least 10k. Having said that, a part of me thinks the course was short which I'll get to.

I decided to run this with my HR monitor to see what it was like during a shorter race. I understand now why people put tape over the HR reading. It's useful to analyze the data afterwards, but its scary seeing the numbers during the race.

Here is my HR and split times

Lap Lap Time Pace HR Max HR Avg
1 04:00.9 06:27.7 187 179
2 04:11.8 06:45.2 190 188
3 04:20.1 06:58.6 191 191
4 04:16.6 06:53.0 194 191
5 04:25.9 07:07.9 195 193
6 04:26.9 07:09.5 194 191
7 04:27.8 07:11.0 191 189
8 04:18.2 06:55.5 193 192
9 04:37.0 07:25.8 192 187
10 03:10.7 5:07 (???) 194 191

Based on my recent marathon time, McMillan thinks I can do a 10k in 42:00 but considering I didn't run very much these past few weeks, I thought I'd be a bit more conservative and aim for a 42:30 finish though i would have been happy with a sub 43 minute finish which is what I was hoping for last time. I did the first km at 4:00 min and hit the 1 mile marker at just under 6:30 pace. Whoops. Try to slow down a bit but the adrenaline was still rushing. Km 3 and 4 are about right, but my HR is skyrocketing which was an alarming thing for me to see during the race. During the VO2Max training for my marathon the highest HR I ever hit was 186. During my one Yasso's workout, I topped out at 190. Now here I am just barely half way through a 10k race and my HR is hitting 194 and 195.

I fall into a comfortable pace through to 7 km, at which point I decide to try and pour it on. By the time i hit the 8 km mark, I had developed a nasty side stitch. I try deep breathing and rubbing it, but it ain't going away. I start to slow down and my HR slows down with it. I thought I was going much slower than I was, but it turned out I had slowed down to "marathon pace". I pass the 9 km marker and the stitch isn't hurting so much but I can feel it's still there. I hear some footsteps behind me and decide that I'm not going to let whoever it is pass me, so I pick up the pace. I sprint the last 400m with my stitch growing ever more painful and finish about a second ahead of him.

According to my watch, I ran the last km in 3:11 or at a 5:07 min/mile pace which can't be right so either the course was short (AGAIN) or the last km was mismarked. I'm leaning toward the short course since all of the previous km's looked pretty accurate and the one that was recorded to be slower I knew I had definitely slowed down because of the stitch. Considering that the course was supposed to be "certified", there's also a possibility that the course as a whole was accurate, but that all the markers were off which resulted in the last marker being off by so much.

I came in 13th overall and 3rd in my age group. Since the guy who finished 1st in my age group finished 2nd overall (BTW, I think i went to high school with him; his name looks familiar) and there was no double dipping, I was given the 2nd place prize in my age group which was a little nike tote bag. Sweet!

I may try and do a 5k before the end of the year just to get a PR time for that. I ran the first 5k of this race faster than my 5k PR so that needs to be updated with a true 5k only distance. But barring that I'm done with racing for the year. Time to go into maintenance mode to try keep from losing my gains for the year.


Jen said...

Nice!! Congrats on that 2nd place AG finish and an all-around awesome race. You are on a roll with the marathon and this 10k! Great job. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work...

Heart rate is over-rated. As long as it keeps beating, you're fine.

i'd wager the last k was accurate. you just had so much going through your head. Plus you might have had a great final kick to boost you.

Hey, try to help us dumb americans out. i'm still trying to figure miles not kilometers.

Anonymous said...

WOW...congrats on a great race.

I have never tracked my HR. I guess I'm just glad it works.

Bob said...

What a great run you had. I am blown away by that heart rate. I just think you have a high Max HR, higher then the average person. I have noticed it throughout your training and posts.
I so want to be fast like you someday. :)

yumke said...

Congrats again. What's the 5K you're thinking of.. I may end the year with a resolution run at the distillery..

Arcaner said...

Thanks all.
Yumke: I was looking at the jingle bell 5k in burlington at the beginning of december.

Kristi said...

Laughing at Mike with his if it keeps beating comment...
Nice work on the 10k. I'm hoping to someday run a race that fast.
It rocks to place in your age division huh?!?!

Perry said...

I know my heart rate gets over 200 pretty consistently. Bob is right, heart rate is probably overrated (or at least various a lot with individuals).

Just Your Average Joggler

Sonia said...

Congrats on the 2nd place!! Awesome job! You seem to be very skeptical about the length of race courses! Crazy heart rate!!!