Training Update and Race Pics

on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 10:59 PM

Tuesday: Did about 4 miles outside. It was pouring rain but I was determined to get out in the morning to do a run while in Boston. My hotel was a block away from Boston Common which is a public park. Google Earth mapped the exterior of the park to be about a mile long so I ended up doing three laps of the park and then a couple of criss-cross paths to check out the interior. Not sure of the exact distance since garmin couldn't get a satellite lock.

Wednesday: Did 5 miles recovery. Not sure of pace, but slow.

So some race pics from Sunday.

Rabbit ears at the start (Bib 169)

Hamming it up for the camera at the finish (ear in hand)

All Finished!


yumke said...

Awesome pics! looks like you had fun being a pace bunny.