Hilly Long Run

on Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 10:34 PM

Saturday: Did 6 miles @ recovery pace. It was warm outside and I was working up a bit of a sweat. Averaged about 9min/mile, but HR was not as low as it's been in the past.

Sunday: Did 21 miles. I did a 10.2 mile route that I've done in the past and averaged 8:22 pace for that. I did this a bit slower than normal because of what I was planning to do for the second half. For the second part, I did a hilly route to prepare me for the pacing duties for next week. I tried to average about 8 min/mile to see how it would feel going up and down the hills. First major hill, I tried to maintain pace up a 6-7% grade hill. Though I was able to do it, my HR was getting up to MP HR which probably won't be to good for people that are pacing with me since that would be almost VO2Max territory for them. Next major hill, I decided to slow down a bit and not let the HR get too high. Last major hill, I ran by HR slowing down to keep the HR just under 160. By this point I had run 18 miles and didn't really feel like pushing beyond that. Average pace for the second half was 10.8 miles @8:04 pace. Total for the day was 21 miles @8:12 pace.

Total for the week was 68.9 miles. Wow, I haven't gotten injured yet (touch wood). Upcoming week is a bit of a recovery week in preparation for a tune-up race on Saturday and my hilly half marathon long run on Sunday. I'm only supposed to do 59 miles. (Crazy Pfitz...) I will probably do a LT run on Saturday since there aren't any races nearby, plus I don't want to go out too hard and burn myself out for the Sunday.


Ryan said...

WOW... a 69-mile week - you are in the zone!! You must be feeling really fit and strong.

Sonia said...

WOW 69 miles week?! That's so insane!! Glad to hear the knee is holding on!! You're so STRONG Fran!!