Mother Goose

on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 at 9:48 PM

Tuesday: Did 6 miles recovery at slow pace. I didn't keep to my rule of running this at slower than 9min/mile. The last 3 miles were done at 8:40 pace or so. Nice that the HR is still down.

Wednesday: Did a little over 11 miles including 6x1000m @ 5k pace. In the past, I've always done a cumulative total of about 5000m of intervals (ie, 3x1600, 4x1200, 5x1000). Pushing beyond 5k was new for me. The first 5 went okay, but I was losing form on the last one due to fatigue which caused it to be a tad slower.

Lap Time Pace HR Max
03:56.6 06:20.8 215
03:55.6 06:19.2 215
03:55.2 06:18.5 183
03:55.9 06:19.6 184
03:56.0 06:19.8 182
03:58.1 06:23.2 182

I seem to still have a problem with my HR spiking. I had this problem last week too. I don't feel out of breath or anything when it happens or feel any discomfort and I'm able to finish the repeat, but I get all nervous about it when I see it happen.

So a Canadian g oose lay some eggs just outside of my office window and she seems to be diligently sitting on them everytime I check on her. Hoping to see some little goslings eventually. She laid the eggs about 1 to 2 weeks ago so I'm thinking that the little ones will be hatching in another 2-3 weeks. Her mate has gotten into protective mode and will try and scare off anything that approaches which doesn't work too well cause she's near the parking lot. He tried to attack my car yesterday as I was leaving. Not sure what he thought he was going to be able to accomplish.


yumke said...

Think you should set up a web cam on those eggs.. or take daily pictures..

Very nice lap times on the 5x1000. very consistent! You time by each 200 metres?

Sonia said...


Didn'T you have eggs last year too but they got killed? I vaguely remember something like that...

If you stress about seeing your HR going up, might explain why it stays up! Stress = higher RH, no?

Arcane said...

I check my watch every 200m but only hit the lap button after the interval. it's usually about a 47s 200m so i try to maintain that.

if I could get a closer look, it might be worth it to set up a camera or something. Unfortunately, it's pretty boring as she basically just sits there all day. it's only when she gets up (like in the picture) to move the eggs around that you can actually see anything.

Sonia, you have a good memory. There were eggs last year that mysteriously went missing one day.