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on Tuesday, April 22, 2008 at 9:30 PM

Did 9.35 miles this morning which included 6x600m @ 5k pace.

Lap Time Pace Max HR
02:20.0 06:15.5 169
02:18.6 06:11.8 172
02:19.0 06:12.8 173
02:18.9 06:12.6 216
02:18.8 06:12.3 212
02:20.7 06:17.4 212

All the paces were a bit fast. I've been aiming for 6:18 pace for these. I didn't run into the HR spiking thing for the first couple which I thought was a good sign, but then on the 4th interval, a high school kid who was running on the track about 50m ahead of me decided that he was going to try and stay ahead of me for the interval. Silly kid. Maybe it's the male testosterone, but I guess the competitive juices got the best of me and I turned it on a bit. I ended up passing him about 300m into the interval (he was heaving pretty bad), but I passed the 400m mark in 1:29 which is a sub 6 min/mile pace. Not good. I ended up slowing down, but the HR had already spiked again and ended up staying up like that for the rest of the session. I did an additional lap and a half practicing my 8min/mile pace and seemed to be able to hit it quite consistently. Then did 3 miles home at just under 8 min/mile pace.

So I, like much of the running community was quite unproductive on Monday while trying to track three browser windows of people running Boston. It seemed to be over so quickly. 4 hours and then it was a bit of a let down since everyone had finished. Just have to look forward to the race reports now.


yumke said...

Ha, silly kids indeed and those are nice splits.

KimsRunning said...

Hi Arcane!

You're right about running in the cold, I'd do it if I had to....LOL. I just wish there were some hills around here. It's SO flat!!

Nice pace times, Mr Speedy!! I also watched the marathon, very exciting. I'd love to be there someday.

Good to see you,