I'm going to Boston!

on Sunday, April 27, 2008 at 6:53 PM

Wednesday: Did 11.3 miles. Average was 8:07 pace. My HR spiked part way through the run and kept high for a good portion of the run. Still not sure what's causing it or anything. There doesn't seem to be anything that triggers it and there's nothing that seems to make it suddenly stop.

Thursday: Did approximately 6 miles recovery with strides. Did these quite slow. First 2 miles were at about 10 min/mile pace and then did another 3 or so at 9:30 pace. Then did 6 strides. First three strides went okay but then the HR spiked on the fourth one and it stayed that way for the remaining strides. I did the last little portion of about 300m at a comfortable level to see if it coincided with the 8min/mile pace. It was almost perfect.

Friday: Did 5 miles recovery. Didn't run it with the HR monitor but did time it. It was about 9:40min/mile.

Saturday: Schedule called for a tune-up race. I decided to head to the track to see if I could crank out 5 miles @ 6:35 pace. HR monitor had problems during the warmup. I think I didn't wet the strap enough. Anyhow, I started into it, but 6:35 pace just wasn't doable, so I ended up doing 5miles @ LT pace. I lost track of the count and ended up one lap short so it's actually about 4.72 miles LT pace. Lt was at about 6:54 pace for the 4.72 miles. Then ran around the track for a few more miles to calibrate my food pod for 8min/mile pace. Total for the day was about 8.5 miles.

Sunday: Did half marathon as a pace bunny. Report to follow.

Oh yeah, the title. I know what your thinking, but it's not the marathon. I'm jsut going to Boston, the city tomorrow and coming back Tuesday evening. I'm suppose to do 8 miles with strides on Tuesday. I'm trying to decide if I should bring running gear with me and do it in Boston or whether I should wait until I get home Tuesday night.


Audrey said...

you should run on the Charles River of course!!


my mom is in town tomorrow night from NJ or i would totally suggest mtg up!! and i obviously can't run with you b/c of the boot :( anyway, welcome to boston!!

Audrey said...

add a .pdf to the end of the link above. it got cut off...

Quinto Sol said...

I second Audrey...

"calibrate my food pod"

Ah, that's why you could not hit the 6:35s... you were hungry :-)

Arcane said...

Thanks guys. I'll check it out.

Ha Ha about the food pod! I called it that in the race report also. Subconscious mind does funny things. can you tell I was hungry?