on Sunday, January 13, 2008 at 10:36 PM

5.4 miles recovery @9:15 pace

Ever have those runs where you feel you can go forever. Well that's what this run felt like. 12.1 miles @8.35 pace with the last mile @7:20 pace.

Was supposed to do 11 miles with 6@LT pace on Friday, but didn't get to it so I did it Saturday morning. Wanted to get to 50 miles for the week so decided to do the 11 miles in the morning and a 5 mile recovery run in the evening. Headed to the track in the morning to run 24 laps. My normal shopping mall parking route wasn't an option since they still have HUGE mounds of snow that have been shovelled into my regular 1 mile route. With the nice run on Wednesday, I decided to see if I could handle just under 7:00 minute pace for this since I pulled that pace off 5 weeks ago at the gym. First three laps were okay for pace but the HR was a bit too high. Tried to continue at that pace and pulled off a few 7:03 to 7:10 for laps 4 through 8. Lap 9 however had me beat where I pulled off a 7:15 pace lap. By this point, I had done 2.25 miles but was gassed. Decided to take a short breather and then run the remainder using HR as a guide trying to keep it less than 180. The remaining laps were between 7:20 and 7:30 pace which isn't too great. I think my form has gone into the crapper. Normally when I do LT's my cadence is close to 180 or so, but I could barely get it to 170 for this. I think the lack of strides is making me run sloppily. Did 5.4 miles in the evening at recovery pace.

Today: 18 miles. Ran basically the same route I ran last week but was able to do it about 3 minutes faster for 8:50 pace.

Got to 51.9 miles for the week with 34 miles done in the past two days. Nice!

So been kinda busy at work this past week. I got a new crackberry. I've been using the old blue one for three years which is the equivalent of bringing out one of those brick sized cell phones and could hear people snicker when I would bring it out. Not anymore, I got a fancy new one with a camera and a GPS built in. Missed my run on Friday because I was playing with it. There's some interesting "stuff" going down at work which unfortunately I'm not entirely privy too. I haven't been there long enough that the boss will confide in me, but I've been there long enough to see that things are changing. A co-worker of mine who joined a year after I did quit just before Christmas and I'm thinking that he had the right idea...


L*I*S*A said...

As always, great runs!!

Sonia said...

You're a machine! Congrats on the new blackberry, I guess it was about time to change! Reminds me of the cell phones we see in the series Friends, how huge they were!

yumke said...

Great winter mileage, Fran. And I think I have the same BlackBerry, the one with the little white ball int he middle.

Fran said...

Thanks all.
Yeah it's the BB curve which I'm really liking.