Winter is back...

on Saturday, January 19, 2008 at 10:07 PM

Wednesday: Headed to the gym after work to do 10 miles including 5x1000m intervals. Didn't actually get there until 9:30pm or so and was there until they closed at 11pm. The treadmills at the gym have an interval button where you can input a jog speed and a run speed and you can switch between the two speeds by jsut pushing the button. I set the run part to 9.2 mi/hr (6:31 pace) and the jog pace to 3.5. Did three tries at that, but it seemed that my HR wasn't getting too high. (HR spiked on second interval) Wasn't even hitting my LT HR which is usually around 180 or so. I bumped up the pace for the last 2 intervals to 9.3 mi/hr (6:27 pace) where I was just barely able to squeak over 180 for the last 30 seconds or so of the interval. Then ran a few more miles to get to 10 total.

Thursday: 12 miles on the schedule again in the evening after work and didn't start out until late. Did it outside. Got through about 9 miles okay until i started getting intestinal cramps. Had to walk for about half of the last few miles. Only did about 11.5 miles.

Today: 6 miles recovery with 6 strides. Back to morning running and back to the high HR. Even though this was at recovery pace, this felt tougher than it normally would.

Well winter has returned and it's -12C outside right now. There's no snow on the ground which is good. I wanted to try and do a marathon pace run tomorrow morning outside but I'm thinking it might be better to just do it at the gym.


Sonia said...

Winter is indeed back, and with a vengeance it seems!! Great week Francis, so any news on a spring marathon for you?

yumke said...

12 miles on a weekday. ugh, I remember those days. Winter training is tough on you, isn't it.

Fran said...

Not quite sure about a spring marathon. Might do a winter one within the next two months or so, but still not sure yet.

winter training isn't so fun, but I guess it makes you appreciate the summer more when it roles around.