Getting warmer

on Sunday, January 6, 2008 at 9:41 PM

Took Friday and Saturday off from running to try and let the soreness in my leg go away. I've been using the Ultrasonic device that I bought last year these past few days to help make the pain go away. I was never really sure it did anything as it's not like a massage where you immediately feel better right after. The pain just kinda goes away with time, but that might be just due to other thinks like cutting back on running and icing that I also tend to do when I'm injured. I think it's doing something but I'm just not sure.

I managed 18 miles today at 9 min/mile. Didn't want to push too hard because of the leg. Plus I was worried about bonking since I didn't eat much on Saturday and basically went 16 hours prior to the run today without having eaten anything. Weather today was about 5C which is a great temperature to run in, but just not so great when there's lots of snow on the ground cause it starts to melt and you just end up with big puddles of water and slush everywhere. It supposed to get up to 10C over the next couple of day with some rain. I'm hoping that it's just enough to melt the snow at the track so I can do some intervals since I haven't done any in a while. 39 miles for the week. Plan for the upcoming week is to try and get to 50 miles again which will include a 6 mile LT run at some point.

So I no longer have my non-functioning Forerunner 205. It was returned yesterday. Actually I was going to try and get it exchanged for one that worked, but they didn't have any more in stock, so I ended up exchanging it for one of those car GPS units. I think that this works out for the best since I'm really keen on getting the new Forerunner 405 when that gets released.


yumke said...

Has been a nice time for running. Good luck with getting the mileage up again.

Sonia said...

18 miles! Great run and such a nice break from winter.

jen said...

Great job on the 18- hope your leg is 100% soon.

I wish my 205 would break :( I need an excuse to get the 405.