Long run

on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 9:50 PM

I woke up after getting about 10 hours of sleep which is good. Was going to go out for a run and went to the bathroom to weigh myself and saw that I was only 141 pounds, which is light for me. I was dehydrated. Rather than risk trying a 20 mile run while being dehydrated, I ended up waiting till late afternoon to do the run. Carbed up and drank plenty of liquids in the morning and afternoon.

Wasn't too sure how the run was going to be considering the crappy recovery run yesterday and I still have a sore throat. Ran this by HR, trying to keep things between 155 and 160. I did a 10.2 mile route that I've used in the past and I did it twice. The second time I did it in reverse to mix it up a bit. Garmin says the first loop was 10.28 miles done in 1:26:49 and the second loop was 10.32 miles in 1:29:14. Based on this, it appears that Garmin overestimates distance by about 1%. Based on the true distance, I averaged 8:31 pace for the first loop and 8:45 pace for the second. Weighed myself after the run and I was 141 pounds which is the same weight I was in the mornin. I'm glad i didn't do this run in the morning cause I'm sure I would have suffered big time if I had.


yumke said...

Everyone's getting sick these days. You still targeting the Feb. marathon?

Fran said...

No plans for the moment for a february marathon. I was thinking of one in March, but i'm definitely sick now so training is going to have to put on the backburner for now.