Cold and Windy

on Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 6:54 PM

Plan for today was 15 miles with 12 @ marathon pace. Had thoughts about doing at the gym but with the sidewalks free of snow, I wanted to toughen myself up by doing it outside. -10 C but lots of wind whipping around so I wasn't entirely sure if it was in or out.

Decided that I would do a quick three mile warmup returning home and then if i didn't want to do it, i would go to the gym. Dressed up quite warmly. One interesting thing to note was I used some chapstick for the first time this season. I like the plain kind with no flavour to it. I know that it typically comes in a black tube. I picked one up at a convenience store a couple of weeks ago and just shoved it into my jacket pocket. I only opened it today and noticed that the contents were pink! The label had these ruby red lips on the them which I guess means that they're for women. I'm pretty comfortable with my masculinity, so I put it on anyways since it was all I had. I did check to see how it looked in the mirror though. You could hardly tell. I guess this is how it starts. Next thing you know, I'll be wearing women's underwear!! Maybe not...

The three mile warmup went okay and so i thought it would be okay to do the MP portion outside. Rather than try to aim for a specific pace, I ran this using HR as a guide. Goal was to keep the HR less than 170 and let the paces fall where they be.

Lap Time HR Max HR Avg
07:10.3 203 169
07:25.6 172 167
07:28.1 172 169
07:27.9 172 167
07:26.1 173 168
07:28.9 171 168
07:26.4 170 167
07:43.2 170 165
07:37.4 172 166
07:19.3 172 168
07:36.6 170 168
07:29.4 172 168

These are garmin splits which I don't quite trust. Garmin says I did 15.3 miles total, but the two routes I used were exactly 3 and 12 miles so I only did 15 miles total. I also got to try my fancy water bottle with the kicker valve which worked out great. No clogged nozzles with frozen gatorade which I had problems with last winter. It was getting a bit tough to get liquid through the nozzle towards the end of the run, but I could still drink from it. When I got home, there were ice crystals forming in the bottle so I think the kicker valve did it's job.


L*I*S*A said...

WOW...great job!!

Stephen said...

Man, the conditions you athletes in Canada have to have to endure.
I will never complain again when I have to go out in 45 degree weather.

PS...Somehow I just can't picture you running through the snow in womens underwear... You'd freeze to death.

Quinto Sol said...

Nice effort... it looks as though you will be racing this spring...

yumke said...

Those are some great splits!