Vacation Day

on Friday, May 4, 2007 at 5:29 PM

After a long week, i was able to take my day off. Drove across the city this morning to drop of my camera for service. I went to the zoo on my day off last week, but my camera crapped out which bothered me at the time cause it was a very expensive camera and it was out of warranty. A quick search on google revealed that the problem I was having was very common with the early versions of my camera to the point where the manufacturer posted an advisory on their website that they will fix the problem even if the camera is out of warranty. Only problem is it'll take approximately 4 weeks to get back.

As for running, I did 6 miles on Wednesday at about a 8:15 pace and did another 6 miles this morning @ about 8:45. I'm going to try and get into double digits this weekend. My shin/ankle pain seems to be gone, but there's still a bit of a nagging knee pain. But I think it's on its way to recovery. I've been trying every single quad strengthening exercise I can find on the internet and i now have DOMS in several of those muscles, but I think that's a good sign.

Just to add to the sad note about some other birds, there was a Canadian goose that had a nest in a little planter's box just outside my office window. I've been keeping tabs on her to see when her eggs would hatch, but I think an animal or something got to them as the mom was standing around, quacking (or whatever sound they make) and poking her beak into the nest earlier this week almost like she was looking for the eggs or the little guys that would have hatched from them. There's still another nest on the other side of the building in another planter's box that has eggs in them. Hopefully that mother will be more vigilant!


yumke said...

Glad to see you out there running.. (and a nice day for a vacation day)

when's your next race?

Fran said...

I might do the mississauga half as a long run next week, but don't like the thought of the downhill aspect of it while the knee is recovering. Right now I'm looking at a 10k in Whitby on may 27th as my next race to get an idea of where my fitness is compared to last year. The week after that is 18 weeks to the Scotiabank full which would work nicely for the 18 week Pfitz plan.

Sonia said...

Great to see you put in some miles again! Good luck on the week-end's long run.

oh wow 18 weeks till the Scotiabank already! Oh man, I gotta decide soon if I'm doing Detroit... I'll wait after next week-end to decide! ;-)

E-Speed said...

bummer on the camera

thanks for the well wishes!