Slowly getting there...

on Sunday, May 6, 2007 at 12:33 PM

I did a 11.5 mile long run today. Knee's still bothering me a bit but not to the point where it changes my stride. My HR is higher than it usually is for my long runs but considering the long time off that's expected. During the second half of the run, I tried to get my HR down with the pace slowing down accordingly. I did a few minutes at tempo pace towards the end to see if the legs would hold up. It's funny cause the slight knee pain went away when I started running faster.

Lap Time HR Avg
1 08:54.0 144
2 08:41.3 159
3 08:43.5 162
4 08:43.5 165
5 09:02.1 163
6 08:45.9 165
7 08:36.7 164
8 09:05.8 160
9 08:55.5 160
10 08:56.7 158
11.5 12:40.1 159

Total for the week is 23 miles. I was going to try and do 30 next week, but I think that might be pushing it. I think I'll try some intervals to get used to running faster since I'm considering a 10k in a couple of weeks.


yumke said...

Heart rate looks good. I haven't actually put mine on since September, so I hve no clue where my fitness is... When's hyour next race?

Love2Run said...

Hope your knee issues work themselves out. Stay off the concrete & pavement if you can.

Fran said...

Not sure now of the next race. I was going to do a 10k on May 27th but it would interfere with my long run schedule. There are a couple of 5 and 10k's in June on Saturdays that wouldn't interfere. I'm looking at one of those.

Sonia said...

Great to see you back! Resting your knee and shinsplints was definitely the best thing to do.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Hi I found your blog at Random.
I see on the side your doing a race in 145 days. What race are you planning doing then?

AddictedToEndorphins said...
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Clay said...


I found that by jumping on the ellyptical and doing some interval sprints a time or two a week lowered my HR. Just a thought. What marathon are you training for? I just found out I didn't get in the St.George and now have to find an alternate fall 26.2.

Fran said...


Sorry to hear about St. George. Thanks for the tips. I really find the elliptical hard to use especially for fast turn over. I'm thinking of doing the scotiabank Toronto marathon though I may push it back if I don't think I'm ready for a BQ attempt. Welcome to blogland BTW!