on Tuesday, May 8, 2007 at 8:00 PM

Woke up this morning to do my run. There's so much of a difference when I can get out in the morning where it's light outside and NOT cold. Looking back now, I don't know how I was ever able to motivate myself to get up during the winter months to go for an early morning run. I had planned on doing an LT and an intervals workout this week. I decided to do the intervals today.

Quick jog over to the track and started into it. I ended up doing 4x800m, 600m, 2x400m, 600m with 200m walking recoveries. Here's the HR and splits.

Lap Lap Time Distance Pace
2 03:06.1 800 06:14.4
4 03:10.1 800 06:22.4
6 03:12.3 800 06:26.8
8 03:11.5 800 06:25.2
10 02:21.7 600 06:20.1
12 01:32.8 400 06:13.4
14 01:30.9 400 06:05.7
16 02:25.6 600 06:30.5

It was kinda hard to judge the paces for these things. I had wanted to try and do them at the pace I was doing last fall at about 6:40, but it was hard to judge. I started off each interval fairly fast and died off towards the end. For the last interval, I tried to maintain a constant speed which worked out a little better, albeit i was a little slower and still trailed off a bit towards the end. Though I thought these paces were a little fast, they are pretty much in line with what McMillan suggests based on my fall marathon time. Ideally, I'd like to run a 5k soon to get an idea of where my VO2max is. There are a couple in June that I'm considering.

My knee was a bit achy after the run so that's still a bit of a concern. I'm trying to stretch and strengthen my legs which I think has contributed to my recent knee issues since these are both things I've neglected in the past.

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jen said...

Wow, very fast intervals! Impressive :) You're ready for that 5k for sure. Great job!

Sonia said...

Look at you speedy man!! Quite impressive after your time off!! =)

Dave said...

Nice job on the speedwork! I desperately need to get back to the track myself.