Long day

on Friday, May 11, 2007 at 12:18 AM

Just got home from work and I'm exhausted.
Did 7 miles total this morning with about 4 at LT pace, which has dropped off quite significantly since last year. Wanted to do 4 continuously, but realized at the end of mile 2 that i was in pretty bad shape. Ended up stopping for a 2 minute walking recovery.


It's been 7 weeks since I last did an LT run so I kinda was expecting this to suck and suck it did. Hopefully this will improve somewhat over the next 2 weeks as then I start an 18 week marathon training cycle.

I had intended to sign up for a half marathon this weekend to do my long run. Today was the last day before the price went up, but was still pretty expensive at $60. Unfrotunately I didn't get around to it until late in the day and when I tried to sign up, I found out they the online registration had closed which means I would have to sign up at the expo and pay $75 which is highway robbery! My brain isn't working properly right now so I"ll have to decide tomorrow. (umm, later today).


LeahC said...

nice LT miles! LT runs suck while you are doing them, but I always find that they are the most rewarding after the fact.

Steve said...

Hi Fran, Sorry I havent had time to catch up with my reading. Im glad to hear that you might consider running a half this weekend. I always try to incorporate at least one half marathon into my LDs . Kinda like testing the waters.

Thanks for your sweet comment on " Savoring the High" That is so true.
Those moments are so fleeting. Im already planning my strategy for my next race in October. I'm not going to quit until I sub six.. or die.

L*I*S*A said...

While I know you are disappointed in your latest run, I think it's fantastic! You are speedy...

yumke said...

Is the mississauga you were thinking of ? It's a nice half marathon.. good luck in getting back into form..