Calf tightness

on Friday, May 18, 2007 at 7:40 PM

Redid last weeks LT run on Thursday. Still not up to doing 4 continuous miles so ended up doing 2x2 miles. Average pace was a little better than last week and the HR was a little lower so i'm improving a bit.


Based on my experience from last fall, I figure that my marathon pace is done at a HR of about 170. Therefore, in order to run a BQ time in the fall, I will have to be average this type of pace at a HR of 170. Right now, that seems very far off and would require me to drop my HR by 10 points.

After the run yesterday, my left calf tightening up. I think this is the same feeling I had that led to my recent time off, so I'm being very careful with it and trying to massage it as much as possible.