Perfect weather for a run

on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at 11:28 PM

The last couple of weeks have had me doing a track workout on tuesdays and an LT run on thursdays. I decided to switch it up this week and reverse the order. My calf was still tight on Monday and Tuesday so I waited until today for the LT run. This morning was almost perfect weather for a run at about 12C with no wind.

I've been doing 2x2 mile intervals at an LT pace during the last couple of weeks. Today I wanted to try and do the 4 miles continuously.


These were much better than the last couple of times though my HR started drifting a bit high during the 3rd and fourth miles. I like that it was a fairly consistent pace throughout the whole run. This was encouraging since I was able to do this at faster than my Boston pace.

BTW, I received a VISA bill in the mail today dated November 2006. I obviously didn't pay it off on time which meant I ended up carrying a balance into the ever so expensive Christmas season. Stupid interest charges. I thought I'd just forgotten to pay the bill. Damn Canada Post. It must be a conspiracy between the post office and the credit card companies.


yumke said...

That's a nice pace.. How did you select your LT pace, or do you go by heart rate.. I'm just digesting the Pfitz program right now..

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Lucky yesterday was a nice day. Today was 32 degrees! It could be a loooooonnng summer

Fran said...

Yumke: I usually go by HR of under 180, but sometime I go by pace if the weather is too warm or if i'm just starting the LT runs (like now). Pfitz uses a Heart rate reserve calculation to pick heart rate zones and I've had good luck with it. I find the HR allows me to track if i'm improving. Last year I started doing 7:30 LT pace at a HR of 180, but by the end of the training cycle, I was doing about 7:10 at a HR of less than 175. My hope is to try and repeat that type of improvement over the next couple of months.

Tiger: Yeah the heat wave is on.

Steve said...

A visa bill 6 months late...How Funny!

I never rely on the mail. I always pay and get my statements online.