Cranking up the mileage

on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 11:42 PM

Did 6 miles recovery on Saturday and just got back about an hour ago from a 12 mile long run done at 9:12 min/mile pace. Total for this past week was about 44 miles, but that's a bit misleading since the 10 miles I did on Monday was actually supposed to be my long run from the previous week. So 2 weeks ago was 31 miles, this week was 34 miles.

I think around 30 miles is the maximum "start from scratch" training week that I could probably handle with the sporadic running over the past month. Probably if I had taken more time off that would be lower. My legs are sore and my left knee is starting to bother me a bit which is something I thought I'd gotten a handle on way back during the spring.

Conventional wisdom is not to increase by more than 10% a week so I'll try and hit 40 miles this upcoming week. I'm hoping once I establish that base level, I'll be able to work in some strides and faster stuff, just in time to do a beginning of November half where I hope to PR. Not sure if I have enough time though as I'm feeling really slow these days.


yumke said...

Hope the ramp up goes well. I'm pretty ready to ramp down next month so we'll meet somewhere in the middle..

I'm interested in the salt pills. where did you get them and what brand are they? I do agree that even though I did hydrate, maybe I did lose too much salt..

(and thanks for pointing out mycalendar. i forgot the widget takes all my events !)

Sonia said...

Good job getting back at it. Which half have you targeted? Angus Glen?

jen said...

Nice runs this week. I noticed plenty of soreness when I recently ramped up my mileage as well, but an extra recovery day and a lot of ice seemed to do the trick. I think your speed will come back quickly. Good luck!!