Registered for Boston...

on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 9:10 PM


So the past week has been brutal for work. I work at a l aw firm and let's just say that i've almost met my target for bill able hours for this month and we're only a third of the way through.  No running, no healthy eating and barely any sleep.  But that's all done now so i can hopefully get back to training and blogging a bit more.  

Registrations for the Boston marathon started last Wednesday and I was all gung ho to do it when it opened but while surfing the registration site, it was sort of anti-climatic.  While going through the process, it felt all too familiar since I've registered online for countless other races.  So to make it feel a bit different, I ended up printing out the registration form, filling it in by hand and then walking to the post office over my lunch break to get a stamp and drop it in the mail box.  First time I've ever done that for a race.  Registering by mail also meant that in addition to the race fee, it only cost me the the price of a stamp rather than the $6 on-line registration fee.   It doesn't quite make sense why it costs more to register online since I would be the one entering the information when registering online.  When I register by mail, they have to enter the information which I"m sure costs them time.   Probably should have photocopied the signed  application form or gotten a picture of me droping it in the mail box to try and preserve the moment.  Oh well.

So I guess i'll only be technically registered when they receive the application and enter the information into a computer and charge my credit card but at least the process has started.  Waiting patiently now for some form of confirmation.  Hopefully the post office won't lose my letter!!


Sonia said...

I was just thinking that! Hope they don't lose the letter! LOL

Take a breather from work now!

yumke said...

Exciting! Love the countdown clock has been reset.. 222 days till boston.

L*I*S*A said...'re well on your way now!

Audrey said...

nice countdown clock!!!

i'm very proud of you-i know how hard you worked for this.


Ryan said...

SWEET -- C U IN Beantown!