TV Shows

on Friday, September 26, 2008 at 11:39 PM

Did 6 miles on Wednesday at about 9min/mile pace and then did 9.6 miles yesterday at just under under 9 min/mile pace but this included 2x1 miles @ an LT effort which ended up being at about 7:25 pace. My breathing could probably have handled going a bit faster, but my legs just couldn't handle anything quicker. I haven't touched this type of pace since the end of July and my legs are rebelling today. Tried to do the foam roller thing today and it hurt bad.

So the new season of TV shows has started and some of the new shows look interesting. Fringe is pretty neat. X-files kinda show with lots of science involved which makes it interesting at least for me. Though i was a big fan of the old knight rider (hey i was just a little kid at the time), the new one just might be the worse show ever. Good for a few laughs though...