Happy V-day!

on Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 11:50 PM

Headed back to the gym again to try and do some intervals on the treadmill. Did 3 miles warmup at about 9:15 pace and did 3x1miles @6:18 pace. Was panting pretty bad on the last one. Then finished it up with 3 and a bit miles @ 9:00 pace for a total of about 10 miles. These intervals were done at a pace that was about what I did last fall so I'm hopefully in the same shape that I was in last fall.

Took another step towards running the marathon. Booked a hotel. Lucky enough to get a room at the host hotel but it's $209 a night for 3 nights. It's not even the peak season! That's crazy. I can always cancel it without penalty which is good. I may try and get a cheaper room somewhere if I can find one. Still looking at flights. I just might have enough airmile points to cover the flight if I don't mind taking a red eye home. Not sure if I should make a real vacation of it and stay a couple extra days. It seems a long way to go just to run a race and not do anything else.


Audrey said...

you should bring a tent and camp. that is insane!!!

i totally think you should make a vacation out of it if you can get time off from work, etc.

i am bummed i might go to all the way to seattle for a wedding in september-and might not get to stay any extra time. interns don't get time off of work!!!

yumke said...

We know you're hard core, so i fully expect you to run it! The speedwork on treadmill sounds great. How you feeling compared with last aug/sept?

Sonia said...

I second Yumke! We know you're hardcore and in shape!! Do it! And take a vacation afterwards! =) And definitely shop around for a cheaper hotel... that's way too much money for a hotel room!!

Arcane said...

it's hard to judge how I feel compared to last time. Most of my runs these days are indoors so the comparison isn't quite the same.

Quinto Sol said...

Should you decide to race Napa, you may want to look into Priceline... it has really cut down on expenses for me. Good job on the training front.