Going to Napa...

on Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 11:12 PM

So I'm heading to Napa! I'm leaving Friday and have no idea what I'm going to do when I get there. I've a bit worried about a 35 minute period in which I have to make a connecting flight in Chicago though. It was with either this or me having to catch a really early flight out or spend triple the airmile points to catch a direct flight. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I get there so I"m basically winging the whole holiday.

Running since Saturday was uneventfull. I decided to do my 12 mile long run on Sunday outside. It warmed up a bit and the sidewalks were clear. i realized that I haven't run outside in two weeks and figurered I should get one done before the race. I did the same route I did a few weeks ago of12.1 miles and it took me about 1 minute longer, but my HR was about 5 beats higher. The run a few weeks ago was before I got sick.

Yesterday, I did a 6 mile recovery run at the gym and today I did a 7 mile GA run with 2 miles @my Boston pace. The Boston pace portion was done at a HR of under 170 for most of the run which is a good sign. When I did these last fall before my first BQ attempt, it was closer to 177. Of course the running on the treadmill is a bit different than running at the track so it may not be a fair comparison.

I'm still trying to decide if it's worthwhile to go for another BQ attempt or to try and scale back to something a bit more modest. If I hadn't got sick, I would be trying for sure, now I'm just not sure.


yumke said...

Good luck Fran!

Nothing stops you from starting out at BQ pace and see how you feel. Can always pull back after the half point?

Any way to track you?

Arcane said...

They don't use chip timing so there's no way to track online.