MoreTreadmill Running

on Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 6:17 PM

Did 17 miles inside. It's not so boring with the televisions if they're actually showing something interesting. Today interesting distraction was "America's Best Dance Crew". I'm sure it would have been even more interesting if I could have actually heard the music they were dancing to.

Anyhow 17miles done. Started out at 6.5 mi/hr (9:13 pace) for 2 miles, bumped it up by .1 mi/hr after that every mile until 7.5mi/hr (8:00 pace). Maintained that pace for 4 miles then did 2 miles@ 8.3 mi/hr (7:13 pace) which is my Boston pace. An older guy was using the treadmill beside me and his treadmill kept picking up my HR monitor signal and I think he thought he was having a heart attack when he saw the 150 show up on his treadmill! I had to explain to him the problem. The Boston pace portion was done at a HR of about 170, though it was getting to around 175 right near the end. I think I get excited when I realize that I only have a couple minutes of running left and it shoots the HR up. Anyhow the 170 HR is a good sign cause that's what I think my HR should be while doing marathon pace which means that it might be possible to go for the BQ attempt. I'm just not sure that I've done enough LT running to improve the stamina required to hold it for 26.2 miles though.

Again I noticed with my run today and the recovery run yesterday that I seem to be nailing a 180 cadence. I think it may have something to do with me spending time stretching after each run. Before I would just do a couple of quick stretches, but this past week, I've really focused on trying to stretch my hamstrings using different methods. Depending on how I point my foot while stretching, I've found that I can increase the stretch on the hamstring.

Lastly congratulations to Ryan who set a PR and BQ'd at the Last Chance for Boston marathon!


Sonia said...

Sounds like you're ready for a marathon PB, you're doubting the BQ but it looks promising!

Did you book your flight yet? Is it "official"?

Arcane said...

no not official yet. Will probably not decide till late this week.

yumke said...

Wow, you'll have to teach us how to do the cadence up there. 17 miles inside. wow.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the shout out. Awesome job on the tread mill. That's really impressive and shows determination. I am excited to see how you do in Napa. I'll be rooting for you. Hopefully you have your travel all lined up?