Recovery Run

on Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 12:04 PM

5 mile recovery run at the gym today. I considered doing it outside since it was bright and sunny with no wind but a little bit cold at -7C. Started out at 6.5 mi/hr for 2 miles and then bumped it up by .1 miles every mile after that. I've been thinking that it's better if I do my runs indoors to get me used to running in warmer temperatures. I think it'll be easier to adjust from running in warm temperatures to running in cold than vice versa. Speaking of which, the long range 14 day forecast for the night before the marathon is a low of 3C which is actually pretty good. I have to wait until tomorrow before I can get an estimate of the high on the actual day of the race, but it's looking to be no higher than 15C which is about perfect marathoning weather. Hoping that there's no wind or if there is that it's a tail wind.

So went to the little get together yesterday and everyone at the new firm seems genuinely friendly and looking forward to the merger. I still have some doubts myself. The other firm is moving into new downtown office space in the autumn of 2009 at which time we will then join them. This means that it's going to require a bit of a commute for me.


yumke said...

Just looked up the marathon. Looks like a fun one.

Sonia said...

-7 cold?! You're wimping-out friend ;-) We're Canadian we can take the cold lol

Weather sounds promising! =)

Good luck with your firm merge.