Running fast is hard

on Sunday, April 1, 2007 at 9:12 PM

Headed out for my first attempt at a FIRST plan long run. Had planned on doing 15 miles @ 8min/mile but was able to only struggle through 12 or so. I hadn't eating much all day and I definitely hit the wall. My shin was also starting to act up after mile 10 so i called it a day after 12 and ended up walking most of the way home.

This FIRST plan is hard. The paces are faster than I'm used to but I'm hoping that in the long run, it'll make me faster. I just hope that it doesn't wear me down before then. Cross training is an important part of the FIRST plan since the running mileage is relatively low. There are only three days of running a week, two cross training days and one rest day. I'm going to try and swim on one of the x-training days and then do leg workouts on the other to hopefully build up some strength in the lower body.

Lap Lap Time
Lap Lap Time
1 08:07.8
8 07:53.5
2 07:45.3
9 07:55.9
3 07:59.8
10 08:16.3
4 08:02.2
11 08:15.2
5 07:45.8
12 08:21.0
6 08:14.1
13 11:36.7
7 07:59.6


jellypepper said...

Hey! Good for you for going after it stopped raining. (I, the April Fool, decided it would be more fun to watch the Phoenix-Dallas NBA game).

Good Luck with FIRST.

Steve said...

Even on your bad days, you 're twice as fast as I am. Don't over do it!

jen said...

I'm so glad to see you are running again! I know you don't feel 100% but you are still smokin' fast.

I modeled my training sort of after the FIRST plan, but did not follow it exactly. I added one day of running (easy Monday run) and pretty much didn't follow the workouts. Anyway, it seems like a great plan. I have really enjoyed swimming as cross training, I am easily able to swim every day I don't run and feel very rested still. Good luck!

C in Calgary said...


I am 4 weeks into my 2nd time of training with FIRST. It worked really well for me the first time (PR by 28 minutes!) and I am pretty sure that I will be even faster this time. "Running fast is hard" but is does seem to work!

good luck

C in Calgary