Mass update

on Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 5:08 PM

Tried an elliptical machine on Monday for the first time. Didn't like it. Went back to swimming on Tuesday, Thursday and Today. Will probably try the elliptical again tomorrow. I'm still kinda fearful of the ankle. It doesn't hurt, but it's probably a bit weak. I'm worried about reinjuring it if I restart running which sucks cause the weather is really nice.

I was on the fence about signing up for Chicago again, but the decision it seems was made for me. It sold out. Last year I signed up a little after mid-May. Oh well. On another note, I got an email from one of the Toronto marathons pointing out that they're changing the course this year. As it stands right now, I'm going to be looking to one of the two Toronto marathons for a possible BQ time this fall. They're spaced 2 weeks apart and coincidentally are sandwiched around the Chicago marathon. I had this crazy thought of maybe trying to do all 3 in three weeks which would allow me to qualify to be a Marathon Maniac. There are still quite a few marathons on the same day as Chicago so it might still be possible.

It looks like I won't be doing a spring marathon which I was originally going to do on May 13th. Up until now, even with all the weeks off, I still intended to do one as a long run, but think it's better if I cut back to the half.

And now for news on a slightly different endurance event. We started a silly pool at work for the Great Turtle Race. They've attached GPS trackers to the backs of leatherback sea turtles and are tracking the turtles as they cross the ocean. Half the money from the pool is going to the turtles so it's for a good cause. My money is on Genevieve who is currently in 5th place. Don't know what's up with Sundae as she appears to be going backwards!


Audrey said...

WOah! They even rank people by maniac seniority!! Cool site.

I hope you're feeling better soon


Cuckoo said...

I hate the elliptical too. I know people that love it, and I just don't get it.

Sorry to hear Chicago closed out before you could register. I am shocked with how early it closed this year.

Hope the ankle gets better soon!

Ryan said...

Dude, sounds like the ankle issue is really frustrating. I hope you can put it behind you soon.

Also, Sorry that Chicago sold out. I can't believe it. If you're ambitions, you can commit to raise money for a charity and get in.

Thanks for your well wishes on my Boston experience. So, I have to admit, I'm struggling to keep up... what marathon are you supposed to be doing in 20 days?

Fran said...

Ryan: Well there's a marathon in a little city just adjacent to Toronto in Mississauga. I did that race last year, but it looks like I'll probably be doing the half this year. It depends on how the running goes this week.

Steve said...

Go Genevieve! She's in 5th place.

Three marathons in three weeks? That can't be good for your ankle either.

I sense your frustration, but I think you're doing the right thing by waiting.

Sonia said...

I agree, the elliptical is weird, I can never get into the "groove/zone" on this thing... I was hoping you would come to London for the Forest city road race but I guess Mississauga being closer makes more sense for you!

Are you doing the Nissan 10 miler later in June?

L*I*S*A said...

Love the GPS turtle tracking. I'll have to put my money on one of 'em.

Fran said...

Sonya: Probably will do the 10 miler, so I'll see you there.

Mike said...

it's good to know i'm not a maniac yet.

Thanks for sharing the turtl race.

Good luck on getting healthy. Sorry, it looks like you will not be in chicago this year.

Perry said...

I can't believe how quickly Chicago sold out. I got in but only because I had some inside connections. The sad part is that of the 40,000 that signed up already over 5000 won't show.