Kicking is hard...

on Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 10:36 PM

Swam for about 45 minutes yesterday which included 20 minutes of just flutter kicking which is supposed to help build up the hip flexors. My legs were quite sore after that, but it felt like a really good workout. Then swam for another 25 minutes so with various strokes. Tried a couple strokes of butterfly, but my shoulders are still to weak to do them properly.

So I've re-diagnosed myself with Tibialis-posterior tendinitis. I'm pretty sure this is what I have in my foot as the symptoms are all in the right spots.


Bob said...

Hey Fran, good luck dealing with your injury. Being there myself I feel your pain. Swimming has been a god send for me, I even learned water jogging this morning. And I thought treadmills were boring!!

Donald said...

Runners are notoriously terrible kickers. The muscle mass in your legs makes your lower body sink downward, which is the exact opposite position you need to kick effectively.

Good luck with the rehab.